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speech Once in a while I come across something that could be described as 'subjectively special for me'. Sometimes it is so-called 'fine art', sometimes music, sometimes literature, that speaks to me in a special way. Everywhere But No Place has been one of those very special experiences for me, and I thank you heartily for that. speech

- H. Brandt, Finland.

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3rd October 2013

Amazon are price-matching Book 1 in the series, Everywhere But No Place. It looks like this will be an on-going promotion, so Book 1 should be free for the forseeable future. It is a great way to dive into the series. Links to Amazon on the Buy page.


11th May 2013

The sequel to Everywhere But No Place is now out. It is titled The Story And The Teller and it picks up six years after the events in Everywhere But No Place. You can download sample chapters from this site, or head over to Amazon and get sample chapters sent to your Kindle.

Writing this book has felt like returning to a dream that I woke up from long ago. It has both thrilled and tormented me, but in the end I think I won. Oh, and there were even a few surprises that I didn't see coming - so that was exciting. Some early feedback is suggesting that it's even better than Everywhere But No Place, so that's encouraging. Go and read it and let me know what you think.

Details on how to buy it are here.

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30th April 2013

Anyone who has been following this site for a while will notice that I have finally decided upon a series title for these books. Everywhere But No Place was always meant to be concluded and now that the work is finally drawing to a close (Book 2 is almost out and Book 3 is plotted and is currently being beaten into shape) I realised that I had to stop dithering and pick a series title from the many I had been mulling over for years. So, Everywhere But No Place is now Book 1 in a series I am calling Messages From The Unseen World.

The observant among you will realise that this was a series of postcards written by Alan Turing just before he died. I won't reveal any more just yet as the postcards feature in Book 2, The Story And The Teller. I personally can't believe that no-one else has used the title of these postcards for a book title. I was both fortunate and thrilled to discover that I could claim it for my series title. It seems just perfect for the books.

Now I just have to finish Book 3 and round the whole series off to everyone's satisfaction.


6th September 2011

Kensington Gardens at the heart of London feature in Everywhere But No Place. It was never part of the original plan, but somehow they just shoe-horned their way in there. At first it was just because it was where I would go each day to write chapters of the book but after a time they became central to the whole story.

As my daily relationship with the Gardens grew, I found out that J.M Barrie, who created Peter Pan, had also drawn great inspiration from the green spaces of the Gardens and had lived nearby. I realised that they were so perfect and so loaded with symbolism that they would be the ideal creation for the Host to fuss and obsess over.

A few years ago I wrote about the landscape of the Gardens and the illustrations of Arthur Rackham that appeared in Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. Some of the photos and illustrations might be of interest to anyone who has read my book, or who is thinking of reading it. It's up on my design site.

This Autumn I am going to shoot a whole new set of photos, mostly locations in the Gardens that feature in Everywhere But No Place, so keep an eye out for those.


6th September 2011

Some of you have been asking about the Skull that adorns the cover of my book. As some have guessed it does represent the characters in Everywhere But No Place. The top right segment represents the machine mind of the Host. The top left is supposed to signify Haze, because his weapons are all thought-based and he is always deep in software somewhere. The bottom left is for Jinzy; death and decay were always his forte. And finally, the bottom right segment represents Denver, the flesh and blood element in the equation.

Overall I think the image is a great metaphor for the story and I'm pleased with how it turned out. For those wondering, yes, I did also design this cover, as well as write the book. This is one of those exciting occasions when the day-job comes in very handy indeed.


5th September 2011

People always ask me where Jinzy came from and how he was created. Well, the honest answer is that he just appeared one day a long time ago, and when he arrived he came pretty much complete and preformed, just as he is in the finished book today. For a long time I had been obsessed with the perfect villain in literature and after mulling that over for a couple of years he kind of just turned up one day unannounced and scared the living hell out of me.

Saying that, I have a huge fondness for the character and he is possibly my favourite individual in the book. The Bee Keeper comes close, but the scenes with Jinzy were so much fun to write and they almost wrote themselves. He is quite simply a riot, and, yes, sometimes he surprises even me. One day he is going to get a book all to himself, but that is some way off and I have a lot more other projects to finish first.


5th September 2011

I'm thinking of releasing some high quality posters of the cover at some point, so if you are interested in finding out more drop me a line and I'll add you to the list. I suppose I should also make some Desktops and other media when things calm down a little.


5th September 2011

Everywhere But No Place is finally out!

This book has haunted me for most of my adult life and it feels so good to be able to finally finish and release it. I started it around 1984/1985 and it has taken all this time to make sense of the story. I'd be thrilled to know what you all think. I've tried pricing the Kindle edition very reasonably so have a read and let me know if it was worth the wait and all the sleepless nights.

There will be further additions to the saga in the future and I am working on Book Two at the moment. With some luck, this next one won't take me 25 years...

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